• Wool Ink Paint

We've changed our name! - Wool Ink Paint

Last year when I decided to stop being a metal smith, I had already begun to explore needle felting, and had dabbled in painting. Since then I have immersed myself in both, and felt our old name Of Silver and Wool no longer represented what we do. After days and weeks of trying on different names and concepts, we settled on Wool Ink Paint. I love it, it covers all the things we are passionate about. W I P - Wool Ink Paint, also stands for work in progress, of which we have many in our studio. :-) Below is our new logo, so keep an eye out for us on your social media accounts. We'll be posting our new work as soon as I get all the changes updated. Hope everyone is healthy, and finding some light and joy everyday. North

Wool Ink Paint logo - knitting needles, pen, paint brush