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"Tidying Up" our studio...

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Two weeks ago we happened upon Marie Kondo's show "Tidying Up", while surfing through our Netflix lineup. We ended up watching all of them over the next couple of days, and got really inspired to begin the process of going through our house, and unloading the excess baggage. This past weekend we decided to tackle the studio. It's a 200 sq ft building in our back yard that is still under construction, but the basic shell is there. I've been using the space, as is, since last summer, and we're planning on finishing the rest of the construction this spring...with a little luck ;-) So we went through everything, rearranged the furniture to create a better work flow, organized and labeled all the storage boxes, and put everything into their new homes. We finished by making a plan for the rest of the projects that need to be done ie: more windows, bring in electrical, insulation, venting, and finish interior walls. I'm really enjoying this process of making a space for us to create in, I've never been able to do anything like this before ...feeling incredibly fortunate and grateful.

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