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Rustic French loaf...

Since Eugene Holiday Market finished I’ve been madly working on the website and posting new products in our store, but this morning I woke up missing the smell of fresh baked bread. Gratefully, I received a bread proofing bowl and a lame for Solstice this year, and I put them to use today.

I decided to make a rustic French Loaf, that was 1/3 whole wheat, and 2/3 bread flour. I also used a stand mixer for the first time (on loan from mom 🙂) and was very pleased with the result. After about 7 minutes total mixing time, the dough passed the window pane test, and back into the bowl it went to prove. Three hours later I shaped it and placed it in my new proofing bowl to rise for another hour. To my great pleasure, it didn’t stick to the bowl at all, and slid onto the baking stone without issue. I then sliced the top with my new lame, and put it in the oven. 50 minutes later, here’s what I got...super happy with how It turned out. 🙂

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