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Graphite pencil drawing technique

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

So last weekend I was perusing Pinterest and stumbled across a video of someone doing a pencil drawing of a golden retriever. They were using a technique I’d never seen before, it’s probably not new, but it was new to me. 🙂

I was really impressed with the texture of the hair that was achieved, so I decided to give it a try. The main part of the technique was using a metal stylus to create indented lines on the paper that mimic the hair direction.

Different sized metal stylus

So I sketched a rough outline of my dog Olive, she’s a Great Dane Greyhound mix, and then used a 3B and 7B pencil to form her eyes. After I got the eyes mostly done, I used the stylus to texture around her left eye, then continued texturing the left ear and the left side of her face. Then I used a 3B again to start adding in the hair, and used up to an 8B to add in the darkest parts. It took a few minutes to get the hang of it but then I was off and running. Here’s the result, let me know what you think. Thanks!