Fall Asleep Sheep

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Over this last fall (2019), as I was reinventing myself as an artist after having given up metalsmithing, I began writing a silly poem about sheep. It started with "fall asleep quiet, fall asleep now. Fall asleep my little sheep, beneath the sleeping bough...". I played around with it for a day or so, then put it away. A few months later I picked up my journal, and there it was, I saw it with fresh eyes and the rest just unfolded in my mind.

I knew right away I wanted to make it into a children's story, and began seeing the artwork. In my minds eye the "illustrations" were rendered in two dimensional needle felting. I began sketching right away, and started felting the next day. It took about six weeks to get the felting scenes finished, and then I set about figuring out how to photograph the scenes I'd made.

fall asleep sheep 789.jpeg

During that time I'd been researching how to self publish, and decided to go with Kindle Direct. It took some time and patience, but within a couple weeks I'd asked for a sample of the book to be sent for approval. There were a few tweaks that needed to be addressed, and then we were ready to publish! It was very exciting when it went "live", and soon after I had my first sale (a friend of course :-) Now, after figuring out what direction I want to head in, and changing the name of our studio, I'm finally ready to put the book out there and see what happens. The book is intended to help with falling asleep, it has a gentle cadence, and introduces numbers and the idea of counting in order to quiet the mind. Its intended for very young children, birth to 5 years old, but I still enjoy reciting it to myself even now when I want to clear my mind and fall asleep.